He set the plate before her. "EAT!" "YOU WILL EAT!" He shouted at her from behind. He had her put on a blue dress before dinner, like Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

"YOU WILL EAT DINNER LITTLE GIRL!" He knew she was crying right onto the table. Kaley had been handcuffed to the table for around 6 hours already, and she was panicked and truly terrified. Wilson kidnapped her off the street; he dressed her up and made her sit at his dinner table in his basement, decorated like kids' play room.

Wilson crouched down to the side of her face and shouted at her so she would eat dinner. Kaley loathed this man and could only think of how to get out. She knew she was in a yellow house, but she had been hit on the head when they arrived at his street; it looked awfully familiar though, like she knew someone that lived around there. Kaley refused his wishes and Wilson beat her everytime she said no. He owned her now.


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RuthLivingstone about 13 years ago

oooh, horrrible! what happens next?

NYgirlLovesCA (joined over 13 years ago)
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