One summer, I went to the Zoo with my family. Me, my husband and daughter all decided to go out of town for a week for vacation. After all, it's nice to get out of town every once in a while.

For one of the days, we decided that we would visit the local Zoo, as that's what my daughter had always wanted to do all year long. She would consistently beg us to take her until in the summer time, when summer break finally arrived...we decided to go out of town for the week. For one of the days,...

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Midnight on the roof. The roof of one of the university buildings, to be exact.
"We've made it," he says. I nod, still woozy from the ascent.
It's dark, but I can make out his features by the light of the moon, and even if it was pitch-black, I would be able to hear the smile in his voice, the pride that comes from deep inside one's chest. When did I start paying this much attention to the way he spoke? It doesn't matter. What matters is that we're here, we've climbed this wall with our own strength and our...

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There's no way that's possible!

But this horse-like creature, it clearly looks like what could be described as a unicorn. But how.

We decided to ask the Zoo keeper why this horse had a sort of horn at the top of it's head.

"Oh this one?" He inquired, "It's a rare bread of horse, no one really knows why it has a horn."

I know for fact that the "unicorn" did not have any magic inside of it like fairytales would like you to believe.

But if a creature like this exsists, there's no telling what else could be possible....

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He ran into the room, his heart pounding and his clothes soaking wet.

Just earlier that day, he headed out for the day to go to work as he normally would. Who's knew that by the end of the day, he would get caught in a particularly bad rainstorm. Just his luck!

The other thing was, is that he was late for his bus.

So, he did the only thing that he could think of... run off into the direction heading towards home, to try to get there as fast as he could.

Needless to did not go out...

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"You're starting to sound like my mother! Why can't you just be happy for me?" Jessica began to cry. All she ever wanted was to be a singer but her husband had other plans. "Marcus, please. I need you on my side." Marcus got quiet. Finally, thought Jessica. "Okay, just this once, though. Wether or not tonight goes well, I cannot let you go on this stupid casino tour. We have kids. You cannot abandon us for fifteen minutes of fame." The deal was already signed, but he didn't know that. "Of course. I would never leave you behind", Jessica...

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My brother said feet aren't always the problem. He grabbed my arm and said this is sometimes the worst problem. Your arm can get caught in the handles of the safety boat. When it opens and releases, when it pops open, it has some loops that get caught in people arms and hands. They panic and get sucked under water. "How do you know this happens?" "Has it happened to you?"
"no, it hasn't". I've seen videos. I watch many, many videos to prepare myself. The more gruesome the better. I figure I need to prepare for the worst, that's...

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Could there be a bigger fool? Who stands in the rain, waiting for a girl that doesn't even like him that way? Or probably doesn't like him that way.

Her class was done ten minutes ago, and she should have been out by now. Her text was pretty clear - she just needed someone to help her carry her stuff to the car. He was close, he had an umbrella, he was an idiot, and he loved her. The perfect combination.

He supposed that she knew how he felt, that she was just... what? Taking advantage of him? Maybe. He...

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