I jumped. She jumped. My heart jumped. My soul jumped. My shadow jumped. My vision jumped. My brain jumped. My arm jumped. All of me was jumped. My foot are the last to jumped. Jumped. Jumped. Jumped. There's nothing left. Nothing. Nothing.

But you!

I wait you to jump.

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i wanted more tattoos
watching the brother and girlfriend get their's didn't help
but the funds weren't in order
the timing wasn't right

ryan talked me up-
gave me more ideas- made me crazy with anticipation

the elephant
the neatest idea yet
the elephant skeleton

done in blue.. from white to navy blue

want want want

but.. must wait wait wait

the elephant dragged it's feet

and as for now
..is dragging still

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The movies always told me that it's the girl who usually hurts. It's the girl who usually waits, and the girl who usually feels lost in love.

My life isn't a movie.

I'm here in the forest, like Bella waiting for Edward, staring at the clock she gave me, counting down the days, the hours, even the minutes. Like a teenage girl pining over a college boy, I want nothing more right now than her in my arms, curled up on the grass beside me.

She can be thousands of miles away. She can be attending classes and working her...

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