The attic was stuffy, of course it should be. It is May, and they are preparing to move into a new house.

She is hunched over a box sifting through the items time seems to have forgotten.

She sees kids medals, awards and photos from the ceremonies. She finds trinkets and grade school crafts. Making sure they are in tact, and making sure she wishes to keep the memories, she places the items into the box with care.

The boys have been out of the house for years now. These items are all that pretty stays here. They have their...

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I think it's number nine. Eight maybe. All I know is my face is slightly tingled.

"Another," she asks as she walks past me.

I give an affirming nod. She has to know I am nearing my limit, but I have learned to play this off well.

"You had the Green Line, right?"

I nod again.

The Cubs are on, and they are losing. Nothing new there.

A couple sits in the corner talking about important couple things.

Two friends sit the right of me, discussing how much their lives and the Cubs suck.

The glass ends up in front...

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I fumbled about with my phone, waiting. She was going to be late, but I was always early. Damn nature and nurture. Or is it nurture and nature? What the hell, man. Concentrate.

She went to Northern Illinois. She got a degree in English and is currently working as a barista. God, what a stereotype.

It's ok, get out of your comfort zone.

Ok, I think that's her. Is that her? No, no. The picture of her didn't look like that. I am way too overdressed for this place.

And I hate tea. Why did I get tea? Should I...

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I remember sitting there, minding my own business. The wind was a slightly moving napkins about the table. In frustration, I put my glass on the stack to keep it from dancing in the breeze.

As I sitting, waiting for Charles to arrive for our lunch, she walked by.

It was a fleeting moment, to say the least. But my slouched pose suddenly corrected itself. I was no longer concerned with the wind or its affect on napkins.

She was crossing the street, coming toward the cafe. She was wearing a red summer dress, and it being an August evening,...

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