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I do all sorts of things. Mostly badly. Mostly better than others. I tell stories. Occasionally, I lie.


Not wanted so much as needed (part 3)

by DoctorMikeReddy about 3 years ago

Froniga, or Fron (as most of her US friends and relations called her) was a patient sort of soul. More in touch with her forebears than many Americans, perhaps because she was closer to her immigrant roots than most. She'd married into the "Land of the Free" as much as she had been born there, not really...   Read more

Not wanted so much as needed (part 2)

by DoctorMikeReddy about 3 years ago

It was the quiet way Fron did the simple things - anticipating a glass of water, settling to a joint task, silently prompting something urgently forgotten - that Wilhelm noticed more than anything else. She would just eye smile at him when he, yet again amazed at her casual thoughtfulness, would gratify his...   Read more

Not wanted, so much as needed

by DoctorMikeReddy about 3 years ago

That part of New York was home to several artisan outlets and small, incubated, cottage industries. Rather like a hipster vision of battery farmed chickens, Wilhelm noted. Right next door to his bakery - Purveyor of the Finest Home-Baked Goods* (* all dietary requirements catered for) - he was aware dimly of a bespoke...   Read more

A six word horror story

by DoctorMikeReddy over 3 years ago

I'll do anything… No, not that!

A six word happy story

by DoctorMikeReddy over 3 years ago

Wanted. Crib. Last one sold prematurely.

The Black Cat of Laugharne

by DoctorMikeReddy over 4 years ago

Laugharne - pronounced "Laaarnn" to rhyme with yarn, but rolled out a little further - at night, with the graveyard gently graced by the occasional working street light and our torches. Us searching for interesting stories told on the tombs and plaques of the interred locals, who at times had meant something to the small...   Read more

All Swings and Roundabouts

by DoctorMikeReddy about 6 years ago

"Swing." She watched her daughter, ignoring the wails and screams.

"Push me Mom!"

"No. Lean back and put your legs out. Then lean forward and pull them back."


"No. Lean back then forward. You can do it yourself. You will go higher then. Higher than even I can push you."

"MOMMY! Push...   Read more

Life Drawing (black text pixels on a white web page)

by DoctorMikeReddy about 6 years ago

There was originally only one photograph. Now there were two. Well, two halves. Incomplete. Roughly cut down the middle of the bay, neatly bisecting the bench. One was lightly discarded in a pile of "Things to do/sort."

The other was folded and refolded and bent again, then sat in a wallet....   Read more

Like Deja Vu All Over Again

by DoctorMikeReddy about 6 years ago

Trivia. I only found out when one of my (many) credit cards was refused. Then a debt collection agency letter arrived. Finally, some landlord of office space told me I was 9 months in arrears and I had two days to remove my stuff.

I repeated the story again. I couldn't remember how many times now, but it was...   Read more

Something of Value

by DoctorMikeReddy about 6 years ago

"It is here. Start digging." the large man pointed with his hat.

"How do you know? What is this treasure?"

"Dig, or I will kill you where you stand. And then it will have to be a larger hole to put you in."

"You could kill me anyway." the small man said.

"If the treasure is as valuable as the spirits say it is, I...   Read more

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