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Along a windig path we went up to find the ancient temle which no one has seen in thousands of years. I am archeologist olivia grace in search of this lost temple.
Coming with me on this hunt fr a temple is my collegue samatha and some other people i have just met. The local people in this country hve let us ride the elephants to the temple.

We were almost there but the elephants dragged their feet along the rocky path of the steep hill. they sensed danger said one of the local people who came along with us...

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Boom!! I heard the the elephant fall on the floor it felt like there was a earthquake. There where people screaming and begging for help. He was injured, injured real bad. You could hear the elephant crying for help while he was aching with pain. So i called the zoo manger who was a vet in his bright red face you could see there was something wrong. He had broken his leg. So i asked "what was it caused by". He said "The elephant dragged his feet".

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The elephant dragged its feet. Since they were made of rubber, this made the task all the more difficult, as she pulled herself by her front legs across the linoleum floor. The intermittent squeals of her back feet dragging, followed by the silence as she readied herself for another pull, created the slow and steady rhythm of her despair. Why had the toymaker failed to provide her with decent appendages? What child wanted to cuddle up with a stuffed animal with hard-soled rubber feet? Why had fate seen fit to give her creator a pragmatic bent which resulted in her...

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The elephant dragged its feet. Meanwhile a man with a mustache spun in circles. A pink tutu hung limply around his waist, and the cigar held loosely in his mouth dropped ash onto the pavement. Olivia hated art movies, but she had agreed to join Richard. It was something about him wanting to impress his artsy friends. He didn't even know what all this meant. Olivia was sure that no one in the room did.

It was a little like placing a few blocks in a room and calling it art. She had gone to a museum with Emily recently....

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The elephant dragged its feet. Reen felt a little sorry for the great beast, obviously ready for a big meal and a nice nap after having carted the two of them around for the day. She hadn't raised a fuss at being led in circles for a half hour--but that was the last time he depended on Kai's sense of direction--and she did several neat tricks with her trunk on command regardless of the repetition--peanuts seemed to keep her happy then. But now the homestretch seemed just as long for her as it for them. The archduke pat at her...

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i wanted more tattoos
watching the brother and girlfriend get their's didn't help
but the funds weren't in order
the timing wasn't right

ryan talked me up-
gave me more ideas- made me crazy with anticipation

the elephant
the neatest idea yet
the elephant skeleton

done in blue.. from white to navy blue

want want want

but.. must wait wait wait

the elephant dragged it's feet

and as for now
..is dragging still

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The elephant dragged its feet, following behind the child experiencing the wet sand of a beach for the first time. Its right leg was longer than its left, the result of being constantly tugged along with the 3-year-old wherever he went. The elephant was much loved around its trunk and ears, its belly crisscrossed with patches from old flannel shirts, worn jeans, tattered baby blankets. If not for its owner, the elephant thinks it wouldn’t even be an elephant anymore.

"Come along, Dylan," the man said as he scooped his son up into his arms. They were halfway back on...

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The elephant dragged it's feet leaving sandy clouds of gritty dust in its wake. Behind the elephant a group of half naked woman shook their tambourines and threw spectacular colours of powder around. The colours merged like a flour rainbow. I wondered where my mother had gone and imagined that she had been swallowed up in this multi coloured whirlwind.
I needn't have worried. There she was bending over the twin tub, her hair scraped back, her muscular arms winding the mangle in a slow, precise action. She turned to me and smiled. My heart leapt. She very rarely smiled....

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Walking slowly through the bush, the elephant dragged its feet. Today he felt no joy.

The village lay behind him. Here were fields he could trample in revenge. Here were corn cobs he could eat, juicy and succulent. Here were the years growth of food supplies, enough to feed a family for a year. And he could destroy it all. If he chose to.

Today, he chooses not to.

Yesterday was different. Yesterday, he was fierce and proud. Head of the herd, head of the bush, head of the tribe; ah yes, he was the head of it all.


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The elephant dragged its feet.
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December 16, 2010


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