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"Yes, I know that she murdered someone. A terrible accident, if I do recall."

"An accident? She killed her husband when she was 25 because he was fucking his secretary. Remember."

"I do remember, but she repented and now is attempting to live a peaceful life. Can't she have that?"

"Why do you love them so much? They are disgusting, and I hate being here. The only we reason we had to leave was because you loved them more."

The earth shook for an instant, as the old man moved his king.

"Lucifer, I will not have you speak about...

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"Hello Father," she said.

"Ah, my child, I apologize for being late. I was walking around this glorious park. Did you get a chance to see the green trees and all the life that is budding from them? It is truly beautiful here."

"Yes, quite."

"I like you new look. It fits you, of course I liked the way presented yourself before. However, the all black is bit much, my child."

"Always the judge. Am I right?"

He laughed to himself.

"How easily I forget your cunning humor."

A full set sit in front of them. And while she wore...

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The old man walked through a park. His suit was great, with a white shirt underneath and a grey tie. Meandering, he strolled along the walk way, no intention to end up anywhere.

He appeared to be in his 70s, although, the hazards of age seemed unnoticeable in his demeanor. He didn't shuffle, he wasn't hunched over and his head did not hang.

He glanced at his watch.

"Dear me, I am going to be late."

His meandering stopped and his direction became purposeful. His gait was long and graceful. Men his age should not cover this much distance.


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The disco ball was turning. It would complete its revolution in 43.247 seconds. Just now, 100 times since he'd arrived. It had 1579 mirrored faces. That was a good number. Prime and a Fibonacci. Doubly good. Three tiny squares of mirrored glass were missing, showing the grey of the adhesive beneath. 


"What? Oh, square roots again." 

His brother smiled a sigh, then leaned nearer to combat the thunderous bass and the high pitched chatter. It wasn't enough. He had to shout over the music.

"I'm nearly done. Just a few more minutes, ok?"

He took the shrug as acceptance...

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I was mesmerized by the number of mirrors it took to cover the surface area. I began calculating in my head, when suddenly my arm was yanked forward by a woman wearing enough hair spray to suffocate the entire discotheque. Her smile was wide and gregarious and I counted the teeth exposed by her ruby red lips. She shouted something at me, leaning her head in a coy yet inviting manner. We stepped on the color-changing tiles and I estimated the surface area by counting the squares on the perimeter. The beat increased and my heart pumped faster to match....

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The disco ball was turning. The lights were spinning, flashing, pulsing. The speakers were pumping noise into the atmosphere, waves of vibration that shook the air, slammed into the walls, broke back in upon each other, collided and crashed.

Outside in the street, I stood and gazed at the stars, what few of them I could see through the neon glare, the fluorescent pollution.

On one of those faint white specks in the inky, bleary sky, I was sure, another mind gazed back at me, and wondered, "Do they have problems like mine?"

What were their struggles? What did they...

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July 25, 2011


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