Well, I'll have a go. I said, That's fantastic, you wont regret it I promise, it really helped me. I thanked Chris, I felt a bit anxious about him being so enthusiastic. I hate letting people down, including myself but I wasn't bothered about that right this minute. I left Chris to his Hot Chocolate, which was probably Luke warm by now.

In a few minutes I was out on the street, a breezy day in June. I was looking for a quiet bench to sit down and write a few bits down in my notebook. I don't know if it's because I'm old school or whatever but I like to have some basics down before I start a story, character backgrounds, that type of thing. I've never been one of these spontanious people I'm afraid.

I scribbled a few lines down and was distracted by a little robin chirping away on the table just across from me it was such a sweet sound. I thought it's alright for him, he doesn't have to plan, he can just be, maybe I need to be that way too.

So let me see, a short 6 minute story ahh I can feel myself getting stressed already. How can I convey emotion in 6 minutes?. What kind of world can I create in 6 minutes. Maybe this wasn't such a smart idea. How could I go back to Chris and say I just couldn't do something so simple?.

I closed my notebook and got up, I need a Hot Chocolate myself, I thought to myself. I hope I have some sachets left in my cupboard.


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My name is Amy and I love to read and write, despite being blind I don't let it stop me from my favourite hobby.

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