It was the one. He had to be. There was no one else in the room who dared to stand against the flow of society. It had to be him. He was it. It was now or never.

She pulled back the flaxen tendrils from her narrow face, and inhaled nervously. The thin frames of her glasses made her crystalline blue eyes glisten. With one single glance, anyone around her could see the fear and predatory excitement that tugged at the corners of her defined lips.

But no one would look. She was the no one of the assembly. Literally. Four years of the whole college ignoring her, chastising her, and knocking her to her knees had made her timid, but thick skinned. And it was now or never that she had the time to shine. They would be calling her name next.

For the first time, fear washed over her skin, instead of seeping into it. "[REDACTED]," they announced, beckoning her to the stage. "You have been specially recognized for your research into the Foundation. Fictional though it may be, you have been awarded your degree in Kryptozoology. Congratulations."

The words were but a hum... HE was here... Preparing for a delicious dinner. "The beast is here! RUN!" was all she could say before the men in the white coats snatched her up...


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Asharai (joined over 11 years ago)
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It does not matter
what I was.
It is of no consequence
I am not a "was"
a "were"
a "has been".
I am a "here"
a "now",
I exist in the "present".
All that matters is
here and now.
All that matters is
you know, somehow.
Not who I was,
or could have been,
That I am now
is what I offer Man.

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Daring to be noticed for the first time in her life, she pushed her chair back and stood up.
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