They had come up this mountain every wensday evening for the last three years, from the creation of there IOGT-lodge. The first one in this country and now there outdoor meetings was to come to an end. The lodge house was soon to be finished and there common soberity had a place to live

Indeed in a hundred years another generation will look at this photo and now the story some even beeing related to the heroic pioners of the movement.

How the small movement for soberity started in New York state now lived on and inspired so many generations...

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She was alone now. She used to be one of them but not anymore. Finaly she was as free as the seeds she blowed from the flower in the big dramatic symbolism of freedom.

How had she gotten addicted to this, it was just a question of wanting to fit in. To be accepted by the others by tasting the sweat nectar of the grape.

It started for acceptance but soon everyday was a day of drinking just to take the day she thought she was free but was traped. But now free

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