The moon would never be the same again.

NASA, in a fit of proctological madness popped a cap in it's ass. It was no longer the benign pie in the sky of sappy Italian love songs.

The man, the one in the moon, was pissed.

The changes were slow to come. Not many people noticed at first that the tides were stronger and higher. The Bay of Fundy was virtually empty during low tide, and Nova Scotia completely submerged during high before anybody thought to ask what was up.

Lunacy was on the rise.

Werewolf sightings peaked.

Lunar eclipses now...

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"It's simple," he said. "A simple plan for world domination. The Moon is the key. People need the Moon. So if we threaten to destroy the Moon, everyone in the world will have to do what we say."

This guy was ranting and raving. I sighed, and continued to humor him. "How the hell are you going to destroy the Moon? It's massive. Do you have any idea how massive it is?"

He waved his hands dismissively. "We don't even need all that much destructive power, just enough to produce a credible threat."

"Even if you had a credible threat,...

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