Giving in wasn't an option, but there was little else she could do.

"Ok, ok," she told the young galant with the sharp blade, "take whatever you want. Just don't hurt me."

The rascal had a look in his eye so sharp it could cut glass. "What I want, my lady," he said, drawing the space out between words to give them import, "is you."

The young woman's eyes widened, her ruby lips opened, but words failed her.

Reaching down, he made himself ready for his reward; then laid his hands upon-

her chastity belt.

Freed of the constraints of...

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She'd always come running when I called. That one girl I relied on throughout the toughest of times. I couldn't imagine a day without her. Beautiful tawny eyes that stared at me with loyal knowing. Full of wisdom and life. I'll never forget her.

The tousled mane of golden locks always framed her just right when I saw her. She looked delightful, so happy and bursting with youthful energy. Her smile lit up my world, my lonely, oh so lonely world.

There was no one else around me, but for her... My dearest friend. I look at her now and...

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I'm dead. Really dead. Not the "There'll be a twist in the end and I'll be saved" kind of way. Just dead.

I keep thinking back to how I died.
I don't remember how I died really. I think I fell.
Are you suppose to remember how you die? Or is that weird?
Is there some sort of weird rule of death that you can't remember how you die?

I feel like I can walk everywhere and find no one. Death is strangely lonely and empty. Am I the only one here?

I wish I could tell you what it...

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I don't know what I'm doing here. I never really have to be honest. Going through that door was the worst decision of my life and now look where I am. Stuck here, in a world I know nothing about, one that looks so familiar and yet so alien. A place where I am surround by people yet so alone.

I'd rather I was actually alone, it's much better than being ignored. Much better than the situation I'm in now.

It boggles the mind what the people are like here. They never stop, they're always moving. None of this makes...

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