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The neighbourhood fox strut his way down the lane like he just don't care, with his evil laugh he knew he had the family dog captain in his hands. TIgger followed fox down the lane seeing his model catwalk and mocking him for fun. Tigger tried to put his foot one after another but then tripped. he got back up and shaked his heavy head and had a serious face. TIgger had to do something to save the family dog captain even though they never get along with each other tigger had to do something, like there's nothing going on...

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Captain, the family dog, had been after the neighborhood fox for weeks for scaring the hens in the middle of the night, dragging the farmer from his bed. Tigger, the Maine Coon cat, knew that he could use this to his advantage. So one night he waited for the fox in the hen house and when the fox was up to his usual mischief, Tigger pounced upon him, boxing his face and ears.

When Tigger was certain the fox was sufficiently riled, he fled to Captain's dog house, creating quite the disturbance. To see a dog chasing a fox...

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We stepped into the girls apartment and they removed their slutty clothes. Now they were naked. I sat down on the couch. One of them turned on the stereo. Prince was singing GETT OFF from his 1991 album Diamonds and Pearls.

The girls danced naked for me. They grinded their private parts on my knees and did naughty things. They licked their lips and talked dirty.

"You girls are very pretty," I said. "And if I was a guy who wanted to get laid then I would be very horny and my penis would probably not be flacid. However, I...

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Tigger was not just any old Maine Coon Cat. He was *the* Maine Coon Catt. It was perhaps a lengthy code name for a spy but he liked it all the same.

He unfolded the small piece of paper that had been folded up inside the sole of the shoe he had just been handed at the dry cleaners.

"Distract the Family Dog Captain," it read.

Tigger knew the Family Dog and knew that distracting him from his important task of manning the security barrier that led from the A Zone into Second Street and beyond would not be easy....

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Tigger stretched and yawned, as was typical--4 or five times a day, in between naps. But now, now it was spring. His tired old arthritic bones had changed his pace, but his prowess remained. As a long haired Cat, he was among the most regal. He resembled a Bobcat, but with long hair--a mane like no other domestic cat. I opened the sliding glass door for him, certain that he'd be out for the night, when the neighborhood Fox appeared. I tried to sway him back inside, but he was gone. In a moment, Captain, the Family dog came round...

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About the prompt

Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Tigger, The Maine Coon Cat
villain The Neighborhood Fox
goal To distract the Family Dog Captain
Prompt suggested by booksaboutpeace
Originally displayed on:
April 13, 2010


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