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Thank God the image was blurred thought Johnston looking over his daughter's shoulder. She had accidentally found his photo folder, the one he thought had been deleted.

'Daddy, who's that lady?'

'No one sweetie.'

He clicked away and back onto the screen with the cartoons ignoring Joanna's 'but Daddy..........' and turning up the sound. Soon everything was forgotten and she was begging her dad to be allowed to see 'just one more' before bedtime, even though he'd already agreed it was way past her bedtime ten minutes ago.

After she was finally tucked up in bed and gently snoring (sinus...

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I stepped into the bathroom, which was green. There was a tape player and it was playing Chinese gongs. There was a salami in the bathtub. The salami was wrapped in that white netting stuff that they wrap salamis in at the salami wrapping plant. There was a toilet too and the toilet was filled with pee and poo and used tampons.

I was still hungry though so I started eating the salami.

"Are you grossed out because of the pee and poo and tampons in the toilet?" one girl asked.

"Both of us are members of Greenpeace," said the...

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Harold finally decided to turn his life around while he was standing in front of the elevator.

Even though his meeting was on the second floor he hit the up button, buzzing with excitement at the possibilities of where it could take him.

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It mocks me. Here I stand, paralyzed, unable to push. The button brings me to the lobby, and out the lobby doors... So I cannot push the button. However, clearly I must push it. I can hardly stand in the elevator forever, at most a few days, after all, I would dehydrate and die. So, I must push the button. Yet, I don't. Indecision has clamped my body in irons. "DOWN" it says, and indeed, where I would go after pushing the button is down. I have always been unable to decide, in fact, 'indecision' is a word that one...

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His hand skimmed lightly over the cool metal bumps. His brow furrowed as he struggled to remember the meaning of the pattern, feeling the warmth of his girlfriend pressing close to his left.

"D-down?" he asked softly, biting his lip as his fingers lingered, heating the Braille with his own touch. Braille. Just another sign, along with the sudden paranoia for his safety, that he was no longer the young man he'd been before the accident. Just another sign he was no longer going to be independent, not really.

Just another milestone.

"Yeah," Jessica replied even more quietly, her voice...

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Det kom en dag i hodet på meg. Og jeg så det aldri før enn da. Det var noe som hadde hengt over meg i lengre tid. Jeg visste det var på tide å snu. Jeg visste at jeg en dag ville jeg angre og en dag ville det hele virke meningsløst. Jeg så aldri tilbake. Men nå skulle jeg endelig snu. Det skulle bli min tur å være den gode, jeg er lei av å være den som alltid må gi - jeg trenger å få noe jeg også. Jeg trenger nærhet. Jeg trenger varme. Jeg trenger en som...

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Bob went driving. His car was a 1986 Pontiac T-1000. It was grey. There were rust marks on the fender. There was nothing in the car. Nothing. Bob didn't like things in his car when he drove. They distracted him. This is why he drove naked. Clothes are things. He didn't even like taking the key into the car with him. A key is a thing too. When Bob left, he had no place to put the key, so he stuck it up his bum. The police always found the key when they arrested him for being naked in public...

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It was the only thing left of the north building. Three thousand tons of steal, concrete, and human flesh had been on the corner of 21st and L in northern Chicago, now all that was recognizable was a portion of the elevator control switch from unit 2-b.

"Mr president," the secret service agent tapped President Chris Goodwin on the shoulder.

He turned and nodded to the young agent and took the envelope containing the keys that would end the world.

"This isn't the right response Chris," said his wife. "We have to consider other options."

"With all due respect to...

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Do you want to hear about it, she asked. The doors slid shut.

I couldn't say.

There was the first ding.

No, I said. Not really.

I want to tell you about it, she said.

The second ding.

She stood next to the panel. I leaned back against the opposite corner. No others at this time of night, in this elevator, in this place.

Fine, I said. Tell me about it.

It was warm. We in our winter coats, too warm, as far as we could get away from each other in our opposite corners of the elevator.

The third...

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He knew it would always come to this. Down was the same as damn right? It always was. It didn't help that the elevator was high class to- it meant that being in the business of souls was profitable.

The oily man standing just out side of the large blue white and gold hallway that went on for infinity smiled at him with wicked humor.

He jutted out his chin.

The man just smiled some more.

"You evil damn-"

"Now now- watch your words in this hallowed place. You may save them after you press the button." The mans voice...

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