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Nothing here that means anything other than dust and time stretching out.

We are the expression of the infinite

The unknowable

Behind our eyes - depths unthinkable


We are sons and warriors, clerks and middle men. Heartbreaking failure, transcendant triumph.

We crowd about this nothing, this dust shaped void. we are the forms and the edge of the void that is the whole.

We are singing you home.

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"there was blood on my pillow and a noose in my heart"

These country singers were getting downright moros, good though. I flipped the dial on the radio looking for a talk station, always helped to find a little of the local flavor, keep me grounded or at the very least feeling like I was grounded. I was play acting at this and many other lives and I knew it but kept it up.

The telephone poles ticked away - wooshing peripiphialy.

The great desert southwest of my heart was blooming with the rare cactus flower of love.

In a...

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Erring on the side of caution I took two of the smaller ones. Just like breakfast, or a night on the town. My body was made for loving and tingling and vibrating with the eternal cosmic hum. I am old enough now to understand the consequences of my actions and of my non actions. The universe provided me with feet so that I may find a place to put my dancing shoes.

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It was raining and I had nowhere to be and somehow that Leonard Cohen record was on again.

Today I will vanquish nothing.

Today my triumphs will be small and non tangible, smoke like.

I will start with coffee and end with whiskey, the couch will remain the same.

Tomorrow I will be a better man for having lived today slow, reading, sipping - not struggling or scheming. Just the rain and and the mood and my slight beauaty.

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What would happen if I just left in the middle of the night?
He wouldn't remember you when he got older.
A price would need to be paid, but I don't know about him completely forgetting.
Personally, I think you should go.

He loped into the night, thinking and rubbing his too soft hands face, never quite sure if he had been slapped in the face.

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I held it at arm's length, thinking that it could never get to me that way.

But as I sit here alone in this room night after rain soaked day. I have come to realize,with the full clarity of a reformed sinner; it was not that I was protecting me from it. It was that I was protecting it from me.

And it never wanted protection in the first place.

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Poorly written!

So many misspellings!

Dis-jointed and non-sensical!

Your story did not make me cry or remember the way my mother's wrist smelled when she buttoned the top button of my new short sleeve plaid shirt from JC Penney's one spring day in 1978 when 5th grade was beginning to feel long in the tooth .

Also, run on sentences! More of them, please.

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We are made of fluff and light.

We are made for a continuing struggle to come together in our floating.

When I fell in the garden and you laughed I knew it was not from cruelty, I knew because we are the same you and I. Unable to keep out the beauty that is the terrible world.

We whisper the standing wave form that is the one true light.

We will collapse back upon ourselves and drift into the unrecognizable dawn.

But today

My love

We will kiss with muddy knees and full laughing hearts, and God will smile.

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Set down the light
set it down anywhere

The pure clean of a random weeknight on the coach staring at the white ceiling. So many balls in the air so much that I can not control. I have given control to others.

It is my human condition.

I will set this ball here on this perfectly lit field. Void of trouble. Maybe someday I will throw it to you and wonder, as I lay here in this white clean apartment,

will you throw it back?

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That movie was so straight forward, The doctor was the hero and everything just fell into line.

I know

I like a little twist I mean it's just not entertaining otherwise


Look you want to stop off somewhere for a drink or..


She shoved her hands in the pocket of her hoodie and turned toward the alley.

It's been years she thought, probably best to leave all that in the past. Still a twist, something exciting. She moved further into the dark cramped space between the buildings.Not looking back, knowing he would follow.

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