When I was younger, I remember all of the pressure that was placed on me to be good enough.

The training that I had to endure, to get where I am today. At the top of my game.

But I keep asking myself? "Is this really what I want? Am I'm living for myself, or for others?"

I turned the medallion in my hands as I thought of how all I wanted to do was to make them proud! My parents, and my coach.

But now that's in the past.

Now I realize that what I want, and what they...

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I looking up at the jet black sky... it was now midnight... it was time.

"Time for what" You might ask... It was time for me to get the spotlight that I've always wanted. I found something that nobody else could find. I found the cure to corona virus but of course, nobody believed I had truly done it. So now, I will be giving my cure to a 28 year old man who has corona virus to prove to everyone that I had found the cure. I walked inside of a hospital.. I could see cameras pointed towards me...

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Walking in the woods at this hour was not a good idea, he told to himself. It was dead silent with only the wind whispering between the trees. It was very dark with an eerie purple night sky. Then the sky exploded.
He had never seen a lightning in the colors of the rainbow. Such a thing did not exist. Lightnings also moved much faster, blink and you will miss it. This one moved from west, towards of him, like a highway in the sky made from light unfolding right before him. The lightning touched the ground a few meters...

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She was walking down the sidewalk in the downtown area of Seattle when she noticed a pile of white blankets and other pieces of cloth laying haphazardly on the right side of the sidewalk.

When she approached the bundle of the white blanket and other cloth, she briefly felt for it, thinking that there could be someone sleeping or even a dead body that was either abandoned, or may have died from an illness related to the recently unbearable heat.

However, she found that no one laid in the blankets, made obvious by the way that it was just tossed...

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“The entire shell is Chronium. That shields the op…”

“You mean chrome. Chromium?”

“Ahem. Crow NEE Uhm. Chronium. As in Chronos. Yes… so, it shields the operator from time partic…”

“Chronons, right!”

“Ye… Look are you going to kee…”

“…p interrupting? No. Sorry. Just. Just excited. Distracted. Do carry on…”

“Right. I know you created the concept, and were very keen to be the first test subject, but the engineering team has had to adapt a great deal of the original design. Are you su…”

“Yes. Totally re… Damn. I did it again, didn’t I?”

“Let’s just get you inside,...

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I hid behind the low, green trees. Gunshots scream as the team squatted behind the sandstone houses. 'RUN!' The chief yelled. I turn and sprint, confused. Then I hear it. We won. The sound of the biggest bomb i've ever heard beamed. My body went cold. The ground shattered underneath my toes. I see red from behind the houses. We won. Jumping in the back of the truck, hearing water and crashing objects. The feeling missing something appears. We counted the soldiers. 3 missing. We lost.

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It was a gloomy day in the middle of no where all i could see was piles upon piles of hay, it felt late and i ont know how i got here ill i could think of was if i could remeber anyone, i dint have a care in the world on where i was i just wanted some kind of info. I could see a figure infront of the sunset i couldnt make out who it was all i cared about was that i wasnt alone and then out of know where i pass out and what felt like...

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i was playing with me mate cheeseball the fat slob and all of a sudden he came on my face. Peanut butter is chunky, you're fat

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Signs were put up on the wall, all help is lost . The war took the lives of many great, respectable people but this was too much. For our freedom heroes were born and legends were made and many lives were taken for us to be where we are today but after the two kids died, everyone came together to stand up against our common enemy. During the second war, the germans tried to take over our land in Austria and all of Austria stood up to defend for our lives and for the Jews. Two kids were playing when...

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The heart beating, dazzling country Kenya is the home of millions of people all formed into one loving family. To some people Kenya is some gloomy country that holds people so they can just a have home but it has beautiful life with lions, elephants, rhinos and may more roaming living life to the max. People in Kenya are granted the ability to experience life with the animals to make living and feeling more connected to others, rather than just themselves.

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